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Health Care

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. DeFAZIO. Republicans gave us a Medicare prescription drug benefit complete with a donut hole based on subsidizing the health insurance industry and the prescription drug industry. Now they are at it again. They are absolutely opposed to a public plan option for health insurance, because that would make the health insurance industry compete. Their solution to the 50 million Americans without health insurance and those who are one pink slip away from losing it is tax breaks, so they can go out and buy private insurance.

Well, here is a little secret. Private insurance is exempt from antitrust laws, thanks to the Republicans, so they can and do collude. They won't let you have a preexisting condition. They can discriminate in any way they want. They can price gouge. They can price fix. And the Republicans say that driving people to that system, not giving them a low-cost, public plan option, and making the health insurance industry more cost effective and truly competitive is a better solution.

Now, come on, guys. Do you really care about those 50 million people, or not?

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