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House Debates Resolution Honoring Troops, Progress In Iraq

Location: Washington, DC

States News Service, March 17, 2004

Copyright 2004 States News Service
States News Service

March 17, 2004 Wednesday


BYLINE: States News Service


The office of Rep. Marsha W. Blackburn, R-Tenn., issued the following statement:

Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-7 th District) spoke today during debate in favor of a resolution honoring America's military and affirming support for a free and democratic Iraq. The resolution detailed Saddam Hussein's decades of defiance, including the use of weapons of mass destruction against the Kurdish people, violation of sixteen U.N. resolutions, and hundreds of thousands of murders.

"Today I spoke during debate on a resolution to honor our troops and reaffirm our commitment to making progress in Iraq," Blackburn said. "I was honored to do so. Our troops and their efforts to rebuild Iraq deserve Congressional support and thanks. It's unfortunate that Democratic leadership opposed this resolution during debate on the rule. Whether they agree or not, a free Iraq makes this world a better and safer place and will strike a blow against terrorism. Thanking our troops shouldn't be a partisan issue. This resolution deserves unanimous support."

Representative Blackburn made the following statement during debate:

Like many Americans, I have spent a great deal of time reflecting on what September 11 th meant to our country, how terrorism will affect our lives - what all this means in the larger context of the world community.

And I've come to the conclusion that as complicated as our world is, as tangled as the diplomacy surrounding our economic and military ties with the rest of the world become, I know that there are certain basic truths.

And one of the great, pervasive truths is the constant struggle between good and evil.

Human history abounds with moments where that ever-present struggle becomes remarkably clear.

Today we are living in one of those great moments of clarity. The lines are drawn. We know who is aligned on each side.

America leads a fight we did not seek, against a movement founded on distorted religious views and failed nations.

This resolution marks a victory for good.

And it is so very important that when good advances we celebrate that victory, because it has not come without cost.

This resolution honors our men and women in uniform - they have made the world a safer place for our children, and there are few greater gifts than that. And today we welcome the Iraqi people to the community of free nations.

This resolution says to the world that America was willing to spill her blood - to dedicate the fruits of her labor to free a horribly, horribly oppressed people a world away.

Iraqi success in rebuilding, in being free, is our greatest weapon against terrorism. Terrorism seeks to destroy. Freedom builds. And that is why we're in Afghanistan , and it's why we're in Iraq .

Thank you to our troops and thank you to their families and the communities that support them, and God Bless America .

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