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Akin Decries Democrat Energy Proposal

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Todd Akin (R-MO), on the House floor today decried the Democrats' proposed energy bill as a do-nothing political ploy. Akin, a member of the House Science Committee, stated that the Democrats' energy bill "falls short of the expectations of the American people and is a cynical political vote prior to elections this November."

"Republicans have proposed a practical, common sense energy development plan that does what the American people want, but Nancy Pelosi won't let us vote on it," stated Akin. "Our plan will invest revenues from oil and natural gas in renewable energy research. It will lower the price of gas now, control the cost of home heating fuel, and smooth the transition into a clean energy future."

"While the Republican energy legislation has been open to public scrutiny for months, the Democrats still won't show us their bill," said Akin. "Yet, based on their talking points, we know it will put a permanent ‘off limits' sign over 88% of all offshore exploration locations."

"The Democrat bill does not allow drilling in ANWR and will do nothing to increase clean, emissions-free nuclear energy nor does it cut the red tape that stops us from building new refineries," stated Akin. "Moreover, we know their bill will allow endless frivolous lawsuits to block new oil exploration and drilling."

"I'm more than willing to compromise with the Democrat leadership to lower fuel prices for my constituents, but Speaker Pelosi has demonstrated no interest in genuine compromise," said Akin. "Not only has she refused to allow a vote on the American Energy Act, but she seems unwilling to allow us to offer amendments to the Democratic bill."

"Americans don't want a sham pre-election vote," said Akin. "Rather they want and need real solutions to our energy crisis."

Akin has introduced the $150 Barrel Energy Act and co-sponsored the American Energy Act this year.

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