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Roskam Statement on Iranian Nuclear Energy


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Peter Roskam (R-IL) today issued the following statement after President Obama suggested that Iran could have a right to nuclear energy:

"President Obama's recent comment in support of Iranian nuclear power is both shocking and reckless. Supporting Iran's "legitimate [nuclear] aspirations" ignores all recent history and smacks of the same naive and misguided approach that allowed for North Korea to gain nuclear power - and now possess nuclear weapons. In a bow to our worst enemies, the President is showing a striking ability to imitate former President Jimmy Carter.

"In just recent memory, Iran has funded terrorist activities against U.S. troops and our allies, called for the destruction of both the U.S. and our strong ally Israel, and sought to systematically destabilize the Middle East and world. Does the President believe Iran wants nuclear power to do their part in combating climate change? Iran has made it abundantly clear what sinister plans they have with nuclear power - and both the U.S. and our allies have great reason to worry.

"There are few scenarios worse than Iran gaining nuclear power - and subsequently nuclear weapons - to threaten and potentially attack the U.S. and our closest allies. The President should immediately recant his support for Iranian nuclear power and consider better options to protect our nation, not endanger it."

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