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Lonegan Blasts Mass Transit Boondoggles

Press Release

Location: Sewell, NJ

Lonegan Blasts Mass Transit Boondoggles

Conservative Republican gubernatorial candidate Steve Lonegan held a press conference today to discuss the boondoggle that is the Camden-Trenton light rail. In front of the abandoned rail station in Sewell and surrounded by supporters, Lonegan blasted Governor Corzine and the liberals in Trenton for wasting taxpayers' money on projects that ultimately fail.

"This train station is a symbol of the economic powerhouse that New Jersey used to be," Lonegan said. "It is a reminder that too much government control is detrimental to each and every taxpayer. New Jersey, just four decades ago had the number one economy in the nation. Since then, we have seen the explosion of big government and it is now one of the worst in the country. I am the only person with a plan to change that."

The Sewell station was put out of commission when the New Jersey government decided to subsidize the bus system. They interfered with the free market, putting the station out of business. Now, they are proposing to build a Camden-Trenton light rail line and waste more taxpayer money, in addition to the tunnel to Manhattan that will only benefit New York. It's time that this irresponsible spending stop. Chris Christie supports both of these Corzine projects.

"The problems in this state are not out of our control," Lonegan added. "It is the empty suits and Governor Corzine who are driving taxes up and forcing residents and businesses out of the state. We need change from the inside-out. I will make that change, New Jersey's economy is poised and ready to celebrate."

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