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Lonegan Stands Up for Private Property Owners

Press Release

Location: Hadden Twp, NJ

Lonegan Stands Up for Private Property Owners

Conservative Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Steve Lonegan held a press conference today to discuss the unconstitutionality of eminent domain. Lonegan stood at a privately owned insurance company surrounded by abandoned lots as he blasted Trenton bureaucrats for having too much control over private property rights.

"There is more eminent domain abuse in New Jersey than any other state in the nation," Lonegan said. "The lawmakers in Trenton think that they have a better idea how to manage your private property than you do. The American people understand what private property rights mean and we are no longer willing to put up with our rights being taken from us."

Lonegan spoke at David Sulock and Cathy Riccardi's insurance business that is surrounded by the empty remains of lots already taken by the city. The business is getting pressured by the city to move so it can build a retail center and restaurant.

Lonegan has a proven record of fighting eminent domain. In 2004, Lonegan fought a similar battle as Mayor, placing an eminent domain question on the ballot. Big developers came into Bogota to campaign against it and in a 2-1 Democrat town the question passed by 95%. The people of Bogota made it very clear that they deserve to have complete control of their personal property. The people of New Jersey are long overdue a governor who has a proven track record of fighting eminent domain and who will continue fight it in Trenton and that man is Steve Lonegan.

"37 states in the country have controlled eminent domain abuse," Lonegan added. "The people of New Jersey have not been given the right to vote and Bogota is the only Borough where each resident has the right to private property. The amount of control that the government has over individual rights is alarming. As governor, I will fight eminent domain abuse and turn New Jersey around."

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