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Iran's Missile Test

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

IRAN'S MISSILE TEST -- (House of Representatives - May 20, 2009)


Mr. BROUN of Georgia. I thank the gentleman for yielding.

I think the American people need to understand what this is going to mean to them directly. I think these charts are great. As Judge Carter said, I think the facts that Mr. Shimkus gave us were absolutely sobering, but there are a number of people in this House of Representatives who have openly said that they would like to see gas go up to $10 a gallon. They think that that will start people conserving gas in America. Well, most folks can't afford $10 a gallon gas. There are people in this House who want to federalize--nationalize--the whole of the energy system, and there are many Members of the Democrat majority who are promoting that. I think this may very well be the opening for them to try to nationalize it, just like Hugo Chavez has done in Venezuela, and that's exactly the picture that we see here in America.

What Nancy Pelosi and company are doing here in this Congress is they're going down the same road, and they're trying to force America into the same policies and down the same road that Hugo Chavez in Venezuela has taken that country down. Yet what is it going to cost each individual family?

It is estimated that every family is going to pay over $1,000 in increased electricity costs. It's estimated that the tax, itself--I've seen various estimates--will be anywhere from over $3,000 per family in America to over $4,000 per family in America per year in increased taxes. It's going to increase the cost of food and of medicines. Every single good and service in this country is going to go up because every bit of food and every medicine--every good and service in America--is dependent upon energy. If you flip on the light switch, your bill is going up. If you go to the gas pump, your bill is going up. If you ride public transportation, the bill is going up. The bill is going up. The bill is going up for everything in this country. The American people need to say ``no'' to this idiotic, what I call, ``tax-and-cap.'' The reason I call it ``tax-and-cap'' is because it is a huge tax. It's not about the environment.

The President, himself, said that this needs to pass so that he can fund his socialistic agenda. He didn't call it a ``socialistic agenda,'' but that's exactly what it is. It's a big government agenda for health care. For every single thing that this country does, they want to do that.


Mr. AKIN. Reclaiming my time, Congresswoman Lummis, what you're saying is really exciting. You're talking about what the Republicans have been pushing for now and since I've been here, which has been since 2001. It's an all-of-the-above strategy. It's saying let's let freedom work. Just get out of the way, and let's start developing hydrogen. If we've got places we ought to drill for oil, then do that. Fine. If we've got to do coal, let's figure out if you're going to sequester it or not. If we need nuclear and if you're really worried about that percentage of CO2--I mean if you're really serious about that, then why not embrace the number 1 technology that doesn't make any CO2, which is nuclear? We're saying do all of these things. Let the free marketplace work and let freedom basically run. Let American innovation--and let the resources that God gave us on this land--work, and we will have energy.

You know, there's an ironic thing that is just absolutely crazy about government. Do you know why the Department of Energy was created years and years ago? This is kind of a quiz question if any of my colleagues happen to know the answer. Why did we create the Department of Energy?

Dr. BROUN from Georgia, do you know why we created the Department of Energy?

Mr. BROUN of Georgia. Absolutely. It was created to make America energy independent.

Mr. AKIN. What has happened since we've created it, Congressman?

Mr. BROUN of Georgia. Well, it has not made America energy independent whatsoever.

Mr. AKIN. We are less that way.

Mr. BROUN of Georgia. We are less.

Mr. AKIN. What has happened to the number of employees in the Department of Energy?

Mr. BROUN of Georgia. It has skyrocketed. They're really not fulfilling the obligation that they have under the charter of developing the Department of Energy, so they've been an abject failure at what they were charged to do.

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