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Lonegan Calls for GOP Unity Against Card Check Bill

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Lonegan Calls for GOP Unity Against Card Check Bill

With a radio ad blasting New Jersey's card check law as one of five examples of anti-business legislation, GOP gubernatorial candidate Steve Lonegan called on Republicans to unite against a proposal to expand this "anti-worker" legislation on a national basis.

Under the proposal, which President Barack Obama strongly supports, a secret ballot would be replaced with a new system where unelected union organizers could intimidate a majority of workers to sign a card saying they wanted to join a union.

"This proposed legislation would empower an army of union thugs to go out and intimidate workers into creating a closed union shop by using peer pressure to make them sign membership cards," Lonegan said.

"Card Check would replace our treasured secret ballot with the same type of 'elections' seen in Cuba and North Korea where muscle determines the winner," added Lonegan who successfully challenged public employee unions in three terms as Bogota Mayor. "If union bosses cannot sell their product in a secret ballot election, they should not be able to get the same result through thuggery and intimidation," he added.

Lonegan said that Republicans need to unite against this legislation.

"Six Republicans supported the card check legislation and gave Democrats cover when it passed," Lonegan said. "Today two New Jersey Republicans -- Chris Smith and Frank LoBiondo -- are co-sponsors of this anti-jobs giveaway to Big Labor and one phone call from Chris Christie could turn that around. Unfortunately Chris has been silent on this and every other controversial issue facing our state's taxpayers."

Christie, who is embroiled in a controversy over $23,800 in "Pay to Play" contributions from three Newark lawyers whom Christie gave a multi-million dollar "No Bid" contract, has not spoken out on the controversial "Card Check" law, which was passed in New Jersey in 2007.

"I sincerely hope that Chris's supporters who oppose this legislation will call him and ask him to step in and get Chris Smith and Frank LoBiondo to withdraw their support for this legislation and stand with New Jersey -- and the nation's -- hard pressed business owners who are struggling to survive," Lonegan added.

"Barack Obama owes a big political debt to the AFL-CIO and other powerful left-wing labor unions," Lonegan added. "Republicans should not be helping him repay that debt. If Chris Christie can't speak out against 'Card Check' then he can't be counted on to stand with taxpayers and business owners on anything," said the conservative GOP candidate.

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