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Lonegan: GOP Needs to Unite Against Albin Reappointment

Press Release

Location: Oradell, NJ

Lonegan: GOP Needs to Unite Against Albin Reappointment

Republican Gubernatorial candidate Steve Lonegan today called on Republicans to unite against Governor Corzine's expected decision to reappoint Justice Barry Albin to the State Supreme Court.

Albin, a liberal Democrat appointed to the bench by former Governor James E. McGreevey, was the deciding vote in the Lonegan II debt case that opened the floodgates to tens of billions of dollars in new state debt.

"Barry Albin is an ultra-liberal whose court decisions are one of the leading reasons New Jersey has the highest taxes and the most out-of-control big government in the nation," Lonegan said. "That Chris Christie is unable to bring himself to oppose Albin's renomination proves what I have been saying all along that Chris Christie is a liberal whose nomination in June would deny voters a choice in November," Lonegan said. "It's time Republicans unite on this issue and take a strong stand."

Lonegan noted that besides casting the deciding fourth vote in the 4-3 decision in Lonegan v. New Jersey, Albin also supported de facto same-sex marriage through Civil Unions, expanded the Abbott decision to demand tens of billions more for the worst run schools in the state and "perhaps worst of all in terms of attracting business, unemployment benefits for strikers."

The former three-term Bogota Mayor also noted Albin's decision allowing Democrats to replace Bob Torricelli on the ballot as a U.S. Senate candidate shows he has no respect for the law.

"Barry Albin is a left-wing activist who sees the courts as a vehicle to force his ultra-liberal philosophy on a state that rejects it," Lonegan said. "One has to question whether someone like Chris Christie who cannot oppose the Albin renomination will do anything to turn around our liberal courts or our liberal state government. It's time for a conservative change, not more of the same. That's the difference between myself and Mr. Christie."

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