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Lonegan Calls on Steele to Return NEA Donation to RNC

Press Release

Location: Oradell, NJ

Republican Gubernatorial candidate Steve Lonegan today urged Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele to return a $15,000 donation from the National Education Association Political Action Committee

Politico reports that the NEA PAC donation was part of $90,000 collected from PACs in the last month, the first under Steele's chairmanship.

"I believe in raising money from people who share your vision of leadership," said Lonegan whose own campaign is closing in on the $2 Million fundraising mark including matching funds. "But I do not believe in asking for or accepting money from people or organizations whose mission differs from yours," he added. "The National Education Association agenda is the exact opposite of the Republican Party's agenda, or at least what our agenda should be."

"What's next? Accepting money from the National Abortion Rights Action League, Handgun Control, Gay Marriage PACs and George Soros?" Lonegan wondered.

"Chairman Steele needs to return this $15,000 check to the NEA and stop the practice of asking our enemies to underwrite our activities. If Chairman Steele cannot run the RNC with the support of rank and file Republicans, then he should step down and turn the job over to someone else."

Lonegan said he was very disappointed in the first few weeks of Steele's tenure.

"First he stepped out and attacked Rush Limbaugh, who has done more to galvanize taxpayers against the Obama agenda than the RNC has done. Then he said abortion was 'a choice' and now is taking money from the Teachers Union. While my opponent Mr. Christie and other party liberals may have no problem with Chairman Steele's actions, I do. We're going to take back this country by standing tall for what we believe, not getting in bed with our opponents. And the battle to take back our nation starts right here in New Jersey, "Lonegan added.

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