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Cantor Media Round-Up


Location: Washington, DC

House Republican Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) took to the airwaves today, appearing on morning drive-time radio shows in Chicago, St. Louis, Detroit, New York and Boston. Topics discussed included the National Council for a New America, national security, the controversy surrounding Speaker Pelosi, and the President's reversal on photos.

Excerpts from the interviews follow:

On the Speaker Pelosi Controversy:

"There has been a lot of controversy surrounding [these interrogations], but at the end of the day, we ought not be politicizing things that our men and women and women in uniform, things that our intelligence officers do to try and keep America safe." (WLS Chicago, Don Wade & Roma)

"This has been the disingenuousness that has been going on, and frankly the politicization of our national security. It has been like a constant drumbeat over the last several years on the part of Speaker Pelosi that somehow our interrogators, the Bush Administration, and the lawyers at the Justice Department were engaged in criminal activity - when now it comes to light that she knew and was briefed on what was going on, and in fact has been reported that she was pressing the CIA to do even more." (WLS Chicago, Don Wade & Roma)

"Her own Majority Leader in the House, Steny Hoyer, has said we need to get to the bottom of this. I was in a meeting with the Speaker and she indicated that we ought to have a truth commission on all of this, and part of that is, to make sure at this point, that we know - and the American people know - what she knew." (WLS Chicago, Don Wade & Roma)

On The President's Reversal On Releasing Detainee Photos:

"You have to give the President some support for that decision. Obviously it was a 180 that he did, but we have to always keep in mind the safety and security of the American people and the troops that fight for our freedom, and this decision does that. I know it wasn't great getting there, but I support him in that decision." (WLS Chicago, Don Wade & Roma)

On The Administration's Policies:

"As the first 100 days have passed, the President remains personally very popular. The reality though is that his policies are not reflective of the mainstream of this country. We are beginning to see that when the American people look at the tremendous amount of government incursion in everything going on." (WOR New York, John Gambling)

"In the last five months, this Administration, Speaker Pelosi and Leader Reid have imposed more debt on our children and grandchildren than has been incurred over the last 200 years in this country." (WOR New York, John Gambling)

"When you have a President hiring and firing CEO's, when you have a President in the White House stripping investors of their rights when they put money out to support auto companies - that is very troubling. In New York, the financial capital of the world, when you have the federal government - under the leadership of Speaker Pelosi, Harry Reid, and President Obama - saying that we in Washington ought to determine how much banks pay their employees, that is not the America all of us know." (WOR New York, John Gambling)

"We shouldn't be taking mid-town Manhattan and moving it to the Potomac. That is not what the Founders of this country thought was right, and is not what the American people think is correct. When you have a President saying that we need to shrink the financial services industry… since when did the Founders, since when do most Americans think that you ought to have a President choosing which industries grow and which industries shrink? We believe in free markets in this country." (WOR New York, John Gambling)

On The National Council For A New America:

"We've launched a group called the National Council for a New America, listeners can go to to see what it is about, but essentially it is to begin a conversation based around the common-sense conservative principles of freedom and opportunity. It is very much in the vein of what Ronald Reagan did sometime ago, when he viewed what was going in Washington far too extreme to reflect the mainstream of this country or to reflect the principles in our constitution." (WBZ Boston)

"It is not just about personalities, it is about ideas. The NCNA is built around ideas, we launched almost two weeks ago with former Governor Mitt Romney, former Governor Jeb Bush, and there are many other leaders involved in the panel of experts - we have Bobby Jindal, Haley Barbour, we have John McCain, Sarah Palin - and many others are coming on board to engage the American people in a wide-open discussion. It is going to be about ideas, and about a return to the principles of freedom and opportunity that will get America back on track." (WBZ Boston)

"We've got to go back out again and convince people that the common sense conservative principles of limited government, of Freedom, of opportunity, that faith in the individual, faith in God are the tenants upon which we provide solutions to the plight of the working family, solutions when we think about the crisis in healthcare that so many families are facing, solutions to how we get back on track as far as the economic recession is concerned. Those principles should be our guide, not the far left extremist agenda that we see coming in Henry Waxman's launch of the national energy tax or the incredible incursion of government as far as our healthcare is concerned." (KRTS St. Louis, McGraw Milhaven)

"There is no limit to what is being discussed, we want a wide open policy debate. My thought is that our traditional values, our belief in God, the faith we adhere to, our notions of how that plays out every day infiltrates everything - it colors our worldview. Whether you are talking about education and you believe that it is a parent's right to direct a child's education, or whether you are talking about healthcare and you believe in the preservation of life - the application of those beliefs become very real when you are talking about taxpayer dollars supporting abortion clinics, or whether you are going to fight against requiring health facilities to perform abortions. These are the areas in which the traditional values that most people believe in will play out. Traditional values will have a big part in the discussions across this country." (WJR Detroit, Frank Beckman)

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