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Lonegan Calls on Christie to Explain Views on Obama and the "Stimulus" Plan

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Location: Oradell, NJ

Lonegan Calls on Christie to Explain Views on Obama and the "Stimulus" Plan

Republican gubernatorial candidate Steve Lonegan today called on primary opponent and former U.S. Attorney Chris Christie to explain whether he agrees with his Honorary Campaign chairman Tom Kean that "the country needed a change" from Republicans in Washington.

Lonegan also called on Christie to join him in opposing the Obama "stimulus" plan. In remarks yesterday, Christie would not speak out against the legislation working its way through a House-Senate conference committee, only to say he "was not convinced" the bill had sufficient "tax cuts."

"Americans are now seeing the 'change' that former Governor Kean says was needed with an ultra-liberal so-called 'stimulus' bill that is nothing more than a left-wing income redistribution scheme laden with the most outrageous pork-barrel spending in American history," Lonegan said.

"I am proud that all five of our Republican Congressmen opposed this bill. I'm disappointed that Chris could not stand with our Congressional delegation on this important issue," Lonegan said.

"Hopefully, after Chris realizes what he has said, he will clarify his remarks and give our Congressional delegation united Republican support behind their efforts to fight Obama's economic schemes," Lonegan added.

"I also hope he will clarify whether he agrees with Governor Kean's statement that the country needed 'a change' from eight years of Republican leadership."

"I certainly had many differences with President Bush on policy matters as did a lot of Republicans I know," Lonegan pointed out. "But the Barack Obama 'change' that Governor Kean says 'was needed' is threatening to destroy our economy and our free market system. Chris was standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Kean when the former Governor made his remarks. He needs to say if the Governor's comments about the past election reflect his own views."

"As Governor, Tom Kean raised the income tax, the sales tax, the gasoline tax, corporate taxes and a host of other taxes. State spending more than doubled -- up 118 percent in just 8 years. Is this the governmental role model Chris seeks to repeat?"

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