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Lonegan: Court Decision Giving Strikers Unemployment Benefits Will Drive More Jobs Out of NJ

Press Release

Location: Oradell, NJ

Lonegan: Court Decision Giving Strikers Unemployment Benefits Will Drive More Jobs Out of NJ

Republican gubernatorial candidate Steve Lonegan today called this week's State Supreme Court decision awarding unemployment benefits to strikers "another radical left-wing Supreme Court decision that will drive more jobs out of New Jersey."

Lonegan called the 6-1 decision "an economy-destroying, anti-business giveaway to labor unions."

"The best way to create good paying jobs is to have a good economy based on private sector job growth," Lonegan said. "Under Jon Corzine, the only new jobs have been government jobs while private sector jobs move to other states and even foreign countries."

The former three-term Bogota Mayor noted that he won repeated double-digit margins and kept GOP council control for eleven straight elections in a town that voted 64 percent for Barack Obama by sticking to a strong conservative philosophy.

"We need that same philosophy in Trenton," Lonegan said. "And we will the minute I take the oath of office."

"The New Jersey Supreme Court needs to be brought in line with the people of our state who believe that unemployment benefits should go to those who lose their jobs, not those who walk off their jobs," Lonegan said. "As Governor, I intend to replace as many members of this left-wing court as possible and push for voter approval a series of ballot questions to overturn the worst of these court rulings."

"Republicans need to decide whether this is important to them," Lonegan explained. "Chris Christie needs to explain what he stands for, what he is going to do as Governor and why he pushed for Stuart Rabner's appointment as Chief Justice."

Rabner was part of a 6-1 majority upholding the decision giving strike benefits for strikers.

Lonegan explained that besides the unemployment benefits for strikers case, court rulings that need to be overturned include the Abbott School Funding decision, the Mount Laurel decision that led to COAH's creation and another court decision that forces taxpayers to pay for abortions.

"The court is out of control and besides replacing members, the best way to take back control of our state is by letting the voters decide issues like school funding, housing policy and taxpayer paid abortions, rather than an unelected court," Lonegan added.

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