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Lonegan to Business Leaders: Tax Cuts, Not More Programs, Will Bring New Jersey Back

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Location: Ewing Twp.

Lonegan to Business Leaders: Tax Cuts, Not More Programs, Will Bring New Jersey Back

Steve Lonegan, the former Bogota Mayor who announced he will be running for Governor in 2009, told Mercer County business leaders today that tax cuts, not new government programs, are needed to bring New Jersey's economy back.

Speaking before the Mercer Regional Chamber of Commerce Economic Development forum at the Trenton Country Club, Lonegan said that immediate and large tax cuts are needed right away to stop a further decline in the state's economic climate.

"I reject the notion that Trenton's Central Planners can create jobs better than people like you," Lonegan told the gathering of business leaders. "The free market has and always will be the number one economic engine and the idea that government can create jobs better than small business is ridiculous."

"The Corzine Administration thinks they can micromanage our towns, our businesses and our lives through state government," Lonegan said. "This is exactly the wrong approach. I have faith in our towns, our job creators and our families to run their own affairs without state government's ‘helping hand'."

"Bigger is not always better," Lonegan noted. "While I was Mayor, we froze spending and debt and kept taxes far below inflation at the same time that state spending doubled and debt tripled. We need to decentralize state government, return local matters to local towns and get Trenton's bureaucrats out of our businesses and our personal lives now," Lonegan added.

Lonegan, who has developed a reputation as the strongest pro-taxpayer voice in the state, told business leaders not to give up on New Jersey. "What has been done can be undone. We just need the leadership to make it happen."

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