Chapter 1 from Jeff Boss's Book

Press Release

By:  Jeff Boss
Date: May 29, 2009
Location: Unknown

Chapter 1 from Jeff Boss's Book

Our country the United States has been taken over from within. A coup has been done by the NSA (National Security Agency) on America. The very people who were intrusted [sic] with protecting America have become the enemy of the state. The cou [sic] started in November 2000 with the bush/ gore election. When the hanging chads happened, the NSA convinced the government and the American people to change to all electronic voting machines, with no receipts. With no receipts the NSA now had control of our voting machines. They had done their coup. They had effectively changed from a democracy to a fascist or commununist [sic] country or worse. Now the NSA , whose specialty is to hack and control computers, had complete control of who gets into power and the laws that are made. The NSA now controlled who gets into office from the mayor of a town, congress, senate, governor, and of course the president. No longer the voice of the people is being heard. The new voice of the NSA is in control. And unfortunately, the people in charge wanted their own agenda. This agenda is complete control of the country and the world. And also war and economic disaster. The more power the NSA got the more they wanted." absolute power corrupts absolutely".

If you go to the official web site of N.J., click on a to z. Then click on elections. You will see on the top right of the opening page. A report that the voting machines were audited by an official team, and they said "every voting machine in N.J. maybe [sic] hacked into within ten minutes and should be replaced". When I win office, I plan to scrap all the machines, and replace them with machines that give receipts, the receipts will be counted separetly [sic]. We will have check and balances on our voting machines.

The next stage of the coup was to put the NSA's people in power.
Next the NSA arranged the 911 attack which I heard part of before it happened, from a person with the top highest clearance.

Then the NSA did the 911 atttack [sic]. Then 4 days after the attack the patriot act was presented to congress. The patriot act is a 400 page document that probably was written before the attack. The patriot act was probably ready to go before the 911 attack. How could they write a 400 page document in 4 days. Anyway, they presented the patriot act 4 hours before the vote. Most of the congressmen and senators were too busy talking about the attack of 911 to read the Patriot Act. The only person I heard who read the Patriot Act was Dennis Kucinich. After Dennis read it, he refused to sign the patriot act. He realized that the Patriot Act took away a good portion of our Constitution. None of the others probably bothered to read the Patriot Act completely before they voted it into law. And if they had read the Patriot Act and still voted into law. Then it is even worse on their intelligence. I believe the overwhelming fear from the 911 attack overshadowed their normal judgement [sic]. Hilary, and McCain all voted for the Patriot Act.

Moreover, now with the Patriot Act in law the coup continues. The NSA now had tremendous power over the people. By putting false fear in the American peoples minds from the 911 attack. Congress had taken away a lot of our Constitution. It took away our civil liberties, privacy, civil rights and more. As you know, the government can bug your house, your phone, come into your house without a warrent [sic]. I recommend that you read the details of the Patriot Act and how it gives the NSA almost unlimited power over the people. Now, the war in Iraq and Afghanistan began. More false information. The war in Iraq is about getting the 2nd largest oil reserve in the world and establishing military bases.

I heard last month from Congress that the real deficit is 74 trillion dollars, not 10 trillion dollars. If you understand that the NSA wants complete control of the country and world, you realize that they are holding back on the money flow. They have caused the whole economic meltdown to get control of all the major companies. This is why they let the economy go to a depression. They have stopped the flow of credit. With the banks, insurance companies, automakers, airlines, investment banking firms, etc in financial ruin, the government bails the companies out. But instead of just loaning the companies money, the government is taking stock in the companies. Controlling the companies. By the government owning these companies, it is like Russia under communism, when all the companies were state owned.

The coup continues. Now in my opinion, and I hope that I am wrong about the economy, but as long as these companies stay in financial meltdown ,as long as there is a depression, these companies cant make any money, and pay off the loans to the government. Therefore the government doesn't want things to get better, and things will remain economically bad for a very long time. So the government may keep control of these companies. They now own 80% of AIG,the worlds largest insurance company, the banks, and soon the automakers and more....

As governor of New Jersey I will get our voting system secure. I will also put pressure on the federal government to secure the borders, repeal the Patriot Act, end the wars, stop sending jobs overseas to China and India etc., in order to bring the jobs back to New Jersey and America. I will not stop until New Jersey is the best state in the nation.

Help us stay free for all your Fellow Americans

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