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Mr. CANTOR. My question was not to get into the substance of the D.C. bill, but just to make sure that those of us who are ardent supporters of the Second Amendment rights would see that actually the citizens of the District of Columbia could enjoy those rights as well.

Mr. Speaker, I would ask the gentleman about the omission of the cap-and-trade bill in his discussion for the schedule for the next several weeks. The reports have indicated that Chairman Waxman has now committed to bringing that bill that has been debated, at least, in subcommittee, forward, or at least beyond that subcommittee, to the full committee instead of the discussion in the subcommittee.

It has given some of our Members some cause for alarm because, you know, this is a significant shift in policy. Some of us are very opposed to what this bill would do and have the consequences in mind of what this bill would do.

If we look, Mr. Speaker, at Members on our side of the aisle who are on that subcommittee who would like to have a say in the crafting of any legislation, especially in the area of energy, somebody like John Shimkus who has a district that is very rich with coal, very, very concerning to him in terms of the economy and jobs. People like, on your side of the aisle, the gentleman from Louisiana, Charlie Melancon on that subcommittee, very interested in industry; Baron Hill of Indiana, who also has big concerns on the coal issue; Rick Boucher, from my own State of Virginia. Southwest Virginia is abundant with coal and natural resources. It would devastate that region if such a bill were to go forward.

All of these Members, Mr. Speaker, do have a desire, I am sure, to be a part of the debate.

I would ask, is it the leader's intention that this is a good move? He is the leader. And his chairmen, one of them has decided to move the bill beyond the subcommittee. Is that something he supports?

And then is it the intention, I would ask of the leader, to bring the bill directly to the floor once, I assume, it passes the full committee?


Mr. CANTOR. Returning to next week's agenda, Mr. Speaker, for a moment, he mentions that the war supplemental will be coming to the floor, and it provides us with a chance, I know he agrees, to accomplish one of the most important things that we have to do here as a Member of Congress, which is to provide for the national defense of our country.

And as the gentleman knows, many of us, most of us, if not all Republicans, stand with this President in support of his strategy in Afghanistan and the general region, and Pakistan, Iraq, and we stand with the President in his support of our troops there.

I know that there have been, Mr. Speaker, some agreements on the gentleman's side of the aisle as far as the issues having to do with timetables, the issues of having to do with cutting off funding, of transfer of detainees from the Guantanamo Bay detention center facility.

So I assume, and maybe it's an improper assumption, Mr. Speaker, and I would ask the gentleman if he could comment, if he believes that he will need the help and bipartisan support to pass this bill that we are interested on this side in helping pass for our troops, is it his intention that we will have an opportunity to address some of these concerns on the floor, specifically if he could tell us whether an amendment such as that proposed by Mr. Tiahrt from Kansas and the Appropriations Committee banning any further appropriations being allowed in the area of transferring detainees from the Guantanamo Bay facility?


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