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Carter Praises Senate Vote to Block Closing of GITMO, Transfer of Terrorists into U.S.


Location: Washington, DC

House Republican Conference Secretary today praised the 90-6 vote of the U.S. Senate to join the House in blocking the use of federal funds to close the terrorist detention center at Guantanamo Bay and transfer terrorists currently held there into the United States. The vote by both Houses of Congress effectively ends the current Administration plan to close the facility.

"Hopefully the Administration has learned an important lesson by these votes," says House Republican Conference Secretary John Carter. "The security of this country cannot be sacrificed for political correctness, or to placate the sensitivities of any other nation. It is interesting that none of the countries so critical of our detention policies were willing to step up and accept a single detainee transfer into their country. There was and is a reason we developed GITMO, the need is still there, and hopefully this vote will end the rhetoric and let us move forward in protecting our nation together."

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