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Memorial Day Statement by Gov. Rick Perry


Location: Austin, TX

Memorial Day Statement by Gov. Rick Perry

"On this Memorial Day, we are compelled to pause and consider the enormous sacrifice made by generations of American servicemen and women, who have gone in harm's way in defense of the freedoms we too often take for granted. From the first shots of the Revolutionary War to the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, our brave men and women have risked much on our behalf throughout the course of our nation's history.

"Whether we spend Memorial Day in the Texas Capitol, tending to the people's business in these last few days of the session, or gathering with family and friends for food and fellowship, we can never let our thoughts stray far from those who defend us and stand watch around the world. I encourage all Texans to say a prayer for the members of our armed forces, past and present, and consider how we can honor them in the days to come. Theirs is a life lived for others and we owe them our undying respect, admiration and support."

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