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Smith: FCC Proposal a Partial Victory for Families

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Smith: FCC Proposal A Partial Victory For Families

Congressman Smith issued the following statement regarding FCC Chairman Michael Powell's proposal to overturn the agency's ruling that found a profanity uttered on network television by performer Bono was not indecent:

"Chairman Powell's proposal is a partial victory for families who want to raise their children free from profane language. I urge the FCC to pass it as soon as possible.

"Profane language on our nation's airwaves is a growing and disturbing trend. We should discourage its use and promote values that strengthen families. Parents should not have to cover their children's eyes and ears when they turn on the television."

Last month Rep. Smith and Rep. Doug Ose introduced The Clean Airwaves Act (H.R. 3687), which prohibits eight profane words from being broadcast over America's airwaves.

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