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Smith: Immigration Plan Hurts American Workers

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Smith: Immigration Plan Hurts American Workers

Congressman Lamar Smith, R-San Antonio, today said the Administration's new immigration plan hurts American workers. Smith is a member and former Chairman of the House Immigration Subcommittee.

"The administration has proposed a 'guest worker' program, gradual amnesty for illegal aliens and a dramatic increase in legal immigration," Smith said.

"Cheap foreign labor depresses the wages of both U.S. citizens and legal immigrants," commented Smith. "We should put the interests of American workers first, not last. Our immigration policies should help, not hurt, American workers."

"Gradual amnesty for illegal aliens rewards those who have broken the law and encourages more illegal immigration," continued Smith. "Our immigration policies should do the opposite - discourage lawbreakers and reduce illegal immigration."

"Legal immigration already is at record high levels. We should assimilate those immigrants who are here, not increase immigration further," stated Smith.

"The Federal government does not enforce many immigration laws," asserted Smith. "The loud message broadcast to the world is: Get in illegally and we'll make it easy for you to stay."

Smith noted, "The Federal government allows employers to hire illegal aliens, prohibits government agencies from sharing information about the illegal status of immigrants, and provides government benefits at taxpayer expense to illegal aliens."

"The Administration's proposals make it harder to win the war on terrorism. 'Guest worker' programs and gradual amnesty provide cover for terrorists," concluded Smith.

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