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Coffman Invites Local Business Owner to Testify at Small Business Committee

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Coffman Invites Local Business Owner to Testify at Small Business Committee

Stephen Reister is Principal of Steel-T Heating and Air Conditioning

Stephen Reister, Principal of Steel-T Heating and Air Conditioning, testified yesterday in front of the House Small Business Committee at the invitation of U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman (R-Colorado). Steel-T is located in Englewood, Colorado in the Sixth Congressional District and has 41 employees. Reister's testimony focused on government policies in regards to small businesses and economic growth.

"Mr. Reister exemplifies the American small business owner," Coffman said. "It is my hope that the members on the committee will take his advice seriously."

Steel-T has no bank loans and uses no lines of credit to aid the business. The company reinvests in itself and in its employees who keep it running. Steel-T is a leader in installing ozone-friendly air conditioners and furnaces that are over 90 percent more efficient than the national average.

"Small Business is the backbone of the economy and the country. We need the government to give incentives and tax breaks to small businesses that are debt free and helping drive the economy," Reister said in his testimony.

Reister also noted the burden of the Federal Tax Code and skyrocketing health care costs on small businesses. He asked Congress to aid small businesses keep their costs down in order to promote economic and business growth.

"Our current federal tax rate is extremely high and we have not seen the loop holes that many people speak about businesses taking advantage of in the Federal Tax Code," Reister said. "We have health care and pay a great portion of it for our employees. Help us keep costs down by limiting the paperwork that is required by insurance companies from both the insured and the doctor's office."

"Congress must reduce the tax burden on small businesses if we are serious about combating our unemployment," Coffman concluded. "This will allow companies, like Steel-T, to create more jobs and grow their businesses."

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