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Pitts: Peer-to-peer Software Dangerous for Kids; Congress to Take Up Issue Thursday

Location: Washington, DC

Pitts: Peer-to-peer software dangerous for kids; Congress to take up issue Thursday

Washington-Congressman Joe Pitts (R, PA-16) took to the House floor today to warn of the dangers posed to children who trade files with peer-to-peer file-sharing software. His speech comes two days before the House Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade, and Consumer Protection will take up his bill, H.R. 2885, during a hearing titled "Online Pornography: Closing the Doors on Pervasive Smut."

"Peer-to-peer file-sharing software poses a danger to our children," said Congressman Pitts. "At any time, 22 million children share files on peer-to-peer networks. They trade music and photos. But another group of peer-to-peer users has a different agenda. Parents don't know about it. Kids don't have a clue.

"Pornographers and child predators use these networks to expose teens to the crudest forms of pornography imaginable - much of it child porn disguised using innocent sounding terms. Often, these predators attempt to arrange meetings with young people through this software. These contacts pose a significant risk to the safety of our children when they use the computer.

"This week, the House Commerce, Trade, and Consumer Protection Subcommittee will take up this issue. Among the solutions to be discussed is my bill - H.R. 2885, the Protecting Children from Peer-to-Peer Pornography (P4) Act. The bill addresses the cyber dangers of file-sharing programs, like KaZaA.

"Congress must act to protect children from this threat. If left unchecked, peer-to-peer networks will become the worst base of operations which child molesters, pornographers, and predators use to attack our kids online," concluded Congressman Pitts.

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