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Fox News Channel Interview- Transcript


Location: Unknown

Fox News Channel Interview With Rep. Peter King (R-Ny)- DHS Extremists Analysis Interviewer: Megyn Kell

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MS. KELLY: New York Congressman Peter King is the ranking member of the House Homeland Security Committee. He got wind of this, and said he was furious. He is my guest this morning.

Congressman, hello.

REP. KING: Hi, Megyn. How are you?

MS. KELLY: I'm fine, thanks.

You know, the Homeland Security Department quickly dialed this back, and said, "We've nixed the report. We've withdrawn it." You know, "We didn't authorize it. We didn't want it. We don't know how it got out there." But it came from the very same faction within DHS that released this earlier report going after people as extremists who happen to oppose abortion.

What is happening with our Department of Homeland Security? Are they actually going to target people who are pro-life or in other -- in some other way?

REP. KING: Megyn, this raises very real questions about the department, and it raised questions about how it's being run. The fact is this department was created primarily to protect us from terrorist attack. And instead, they're getting involved in almost like in a kind of mind control here of domestic organizations, domestic thinking.

You know, as you know, it was two weeks ago they were saying that veterans were potential terrorists. Now they're talking about pro- life people. They also mention blacks in there. They mention Jews. But nowhere is there any mention of Islam or Muslims. And yet, you know, it supposedly was created to protect us against terrorists.

It appears to be there's a faction within this department which has its own agenda, and it's out of control. And it's up to Secretary Napolitano to get them under control very, very quickly, and put this one in, and focus on what their job should be. And that's to protect us against another attack.

MS. KELLY: Well, unlike the earlier report that did seem to target more right-wing or conservative groups like people who are anti-abortion and so on and anti-illegal immigration, this one does cover a wide swath. I'll just tick off some of the groups you mentioned, a couple.

They cover Jewish extremists, animal rights extremists, Christian identity extremists, black separatism extremists, anti-immigration, anti-technology, Cuban independence, tax-resistant extremists, and on and on it goes. I mean, basically whatever position you have, it's probably covered in here. It covers probably the majority of Americans.

But -- but, Congressman, let me ask you -- because they talk about people who hold those ideologies who are, quote, "extremists." So I think they would say, "We don't mean to get to somebody who's just pro-life. We mean to get to the radical factions within some of those groups." And you have to admit there are some pro-life extremists who have advocated violence, and, indeed, who have committed murder. Those are the ones they would say they're concerned about.

REP. KING: You know, I don't think we need the Department of Homeland Security to be sending this out. Everyone knows that there can be pro-life extremists; there can be animal-rights extremists; there can be black extremists, Jewish extremists, Catholic extremists. We don't need the department to be doing that. I mean, to me, it was almost gratuitous. But ironically, listing all those groups, nowhere is there any mention of Islamic extremists. So it just shows to me a peculiar mind-set by the department.

And, Megyn, their job is to be protecting us. I don't think anyone in any local police department needs some analyst in Washington telling them to look out for a pro-life extremist or an animal-rights extremist. They know that.

But also, there's an issue here. Why was this released and then pulled back? If they stand by it, why not leave it out there? How could an analysis unit in a large department have the right to issue a report like this to every police department in the country without the secretary even knowing about it? And this is the second time it's happened in three weeks. And we know the first one was actually -- there was serious objections to it from the civil rights unit, and it went out anyway.

MS. KELLY: Yeah, and --

REP. KING: So I think Janet Napolitano has -- it's out of control.

MS. KELLY: Well, let me ask you this: Is it true that you asked Janet Napolitano, the DHS secretary -- you asked her whether in fact there are investigations under way of people who describe themselves as pro-life and she didn't answer? Is that true?

REP. KING: No. What I asked her -- I've -- I'm introducing a resolution of inquiry in the House of Representatives demanding that all their records be made public.

Now, in my conversation with Janet Napolitano, she told me that it was a mistake, the report that was issued was a mistake. That's the first report. And we left it at that. So, no, I have not asked her about any particular investigation. But we are asking her for all of the papers and all of the documents that went into these reports being put together and issued.

MS. KELLY: Yeah. Well, we'll wait to see whether there's further response from the DHS on this. You know, they pointed out that this happened prior to their, quote, "last experience," which was the report -- the other report we covered. And they said that, since then, new internal protocols have been put in place.

Congressman Peter King, thank you so much for coming on with your views.

REP. KING: Thank you, Megyn.

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