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Credit Cardholders' Bill Of Rights Act Of 2009

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. McCONNELL. Madam President, I join my friend, the majority leader, in recognizing our friend for his distinguished achievement. I would say to my friend from Michigan, only 20 Senators in history have cast more votes now than CARL LEVIN. But probably even fewer have been as unassuming as the senior Senator from Michigan.

Over the years, he has impressed all his colleagues by his dogged commitment to the people of Michigan, and in particular, to the manufacturers and laborers in his home State. For many of us, he has become the face of Michigan.

A product of the Detroit public school system, Senator LEVIN graduated from Central High School in Detroit, Swarthmore College, and Harvard Law School, before returning to Detroit to practice law.

He held a number of public offices in Detroit before becoming president of the Detroit City Council. In 1978, he was elected to the U.S. Senate in an upset victory over the incumbent Republican.

Four years later, Senator LEVIN was joined in Congress by his brother and his best friend, SANDER. Apparently, people still sometimes confuse the two of them ..... so it is probably a good thing they get along so well.

The people of Michigan have been happy with Senator LEVIN's work here in the Senate: they have sent him back five times, including this past November. His hometown paper calls him a principled leader and personally above reproach.

We have seen Senator LEVIN's commitment to his State in a vivid way over the past several months, as automakers have struggled to stay afloat. We have seen him work with Members on both sides to help automakers, and we've seen him outside the Capitol showing solidarity with workers. He is committed to his State, and he shows it.

Senator LEVIN has fought hard for environmental causes. In 1990, he authored the Great Lakes Critical Programs Act to create new standards of environmental protection for the Great Lakes. He also helped win passage of the Great Lakes Legacy Program to clean up contaminated sediments.

Outside Michigan, most people probably associate Senator LEVIN with his distinguished tenure on the Senate Armed Services Committee, where he has earned a reputation as a strong supporter of our Nation's service men and women. It was because of Senator LEVIN's work on this committee that he received the Navy's highest award for a civilian a few years ago for distinguished service to the Navy and Marine Corps.


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