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Washington Times- Green & Glover Undercover: Under the sun

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Location: Washington, DC

Green & Glover Undercover: Under the sun

By Stephanie Green and Elizabeth Glover
Washington Times

With summer right around the corner, we got the skinny on various politicos' vacation plans at the Shade Foundation of America reception, where VIPs Sen. John McCain and Shonda Schilling, wife of recently retired major league pitcher Curt Schilling, were honored for their fight against skin cancer.

Don't expect to find Mr. Schilling at any Washington Nationals games when he is in town. The former Red Sox and Diamondbacks great told us, "I never go to games; I played them for 23 years."

"Eastern Shore," replied Rep. Charlie Dent, Pennsylvania Republican, when asked where he'll be off to for some R&R.

However, he told us he was present for the evening to honor his late father-in-law, a skin cancer victim. Before leaving to go vote, Mr. Dent explained that while he's out in the sun this summer, he'll be equipped with lip balm, baseball cap and SPF lotion.

Ditto for Sen. McCain. "All of the above," he said when asked what methods he uses to protect his fair skin and balding head from the blazing heat in Arizona, which has the highest number of skin cancer cases.

Mr. McCain told G2 he is looking forward to his summer trek up the Grand Canyon and hopes other vacationers will "come to Arizona and wear sun screen."

Although skin cancer is a serious concern, Mr. McCain, a skin cancer survivor, was in a joking mood. When the presenter of his Ray of Hope leadership award remarked that cancer survivors can go on to accomplish anything, the defeated Republican presidential nominee quipped, "Almost."

Rep. Peter T. King, New York Republican, told us that he, too, has had skin cancers removed and is extra careful in the sun, but does not venture out very often. "I am a homebody and don't go on many vacations, which my wife can't understand," he said.

Not so for Sen. Sam Brownback, Kansas Republican, who is fond of beach holidays and trips to Colorado with his family. "I wear a T-shirt to the beach" since having a skin cancer removed from his side, he told us. "My kids think I look like the white whale."

If you want to avoid the sun and have a great time, Rep. Shelley Berkley, Nevada Democrat, hopes you'll "come to Las Vegas and drink like a fish and gamble like maniacs."

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