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Issue Position: Urban Revitalization

Issue Position

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Chris Christie will commit to revitalizing our state's urban communities. Chris was born in Newark 46 years ago and lived there for the first five years of his life. Newark's population is now just half of what it was the day he was born, and continues to struggle.

All too often, politicians of both parties in our state pit urban areas against the suburban and rural areas for political gain. It's time to stop this petty politics of division. Until we revitalize our cities, we will not solve the biggest problems that face our state.

Our cities will not become thriving population centers again until businesses can bring back jobs in a pro-business climate, and until young people feel safe enough to live there, have quality housing to live in and believe the schools have improved.

Chris will do four things to revitalize our cities.

* Chris will tackle crime. His record as U.S. Attorney proves he knows how to take on criminals. Families in our cities deserve safe streets.

* Chris will revamp the tax code to bring much-needed jobs back to our cities. Urban revitalization won't happen without bringing economic revitalization, small businesses and jobs back to our cities.

* Chris will gut COAH and instead encourage the redevelopment of quality housing in our cities and transit centers. There's no reason to bulldoze our last acres of open space when prime, accessible real estate is available in our city centers.

* It is time to stop the failure of our public education system in our cities. Our children deserve better. Our current government simply throws money at the problem without ever bringing real change through accountability, choice, more charter schools, merit pay for teachers and greater parental involvement. It is a moral imperative to educate our children in every corner of this state.

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