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Helping Families Save Their Homes Act Of 2009 - Continued

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. COBURN. Mr. President, I have a second-degree amendment to the Reed amendment. What it says is we create a pilot study. We have 69,000 pieces of property we cannot get rid of. It represents $83 billion in assets to us as a government and to the American people. It is $83 billion we would not have.

What we set up is a pilot program that manages 150 pieces of property a year to dispose of them. It gives 20 percent to the agency, 80 percent back to the Government. It creates a way, in a pilot project, for us to do real property reform.

We have gone through and we have created 250 homeless shelters out of 30,000 properties at a cost of $300 million. We are spending over $8 billion a year just maintaining properties we do not want, do not need, yet we cannot get rid of.

This is a simple, straightforward amendment that is common sense. There is no reason why we should not accept this amendment.

With that, I reserve the remainder of my time.


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