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Carter Blasts Secretary Napolitano for Remarks on "Extremism"

Location: Washington, DC

Carter Blasts Secretary Napolitano for Remarks on "Extremism"

Congressman John Carter (RTX-31) made the following statement today in response to the Department of Homeland Security's report on "right wing extremism."

"This is an outrageous "assessment" of extremism and it gives the appearance that the administration is politicizing homeland security issues to generate fear about people and groups that disagree with their policies," Carter said. "Genuine threat assessments are one thing, but there is a line that distinguishes between an actual threat versus citizens simply exercising their constitutional right to free speech in speaking out against this Administration's reckless public policies."

"I find it very suspicious that an administration that just passed a bloated budget that puts the burden on the Americans who work and pay taxes and increases the intrusion of government in our lives would take aim at groups that favor state and local authority over federal," Carter added.

"American taxpayers are mad, and they have every right to be. The 3.6 trillion dollar budget just passed by the Democrats will increase government control and endanger individual freedoms in nearly every area of our lives, not to mention the massive tax increases that will be needed to pay for their leftist political agenda. However, political opponents have no business being labeled "extremist" or "radical" unless solid studies and evidence prove that to be the case. I hope that the President will demand answers from DHS concerning the production of this obvious political document masquerading as a homeland security report and will take the necessary steps to guarantee that a debacle like this will not occur in the future."

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