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Hall Supports Republican Budget

Location: Washington, DC



Stating that the government cannot continue to "spend, borrow, and tax," Rep. Ralph Hall today voted with 137 Republicans in the House in favor of a Republican alternative budget that seeks to control spending, limit the size and scope of government, reduce taxes, and protect Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

The Republican plan failed to win a majority of the votes. Instead, a Democratic Majority passed the President's budget today by a vote of 233 - 196, with all Republicans and 20 Democrats voting "no."

"The Democrats' budget has a number of worthy provisions that provide relief and assistance for middle-class Americans," Hall said, "but unfortunately it also doubles the debt in 5 years, triples the debt in 10 years, nearly doubles spending in 10 years, and increases taxes on investors, small businesses, and energy."

"We are at a crossroads in American economic policy and philosophy," Hall noted. "We all agree that the country is in a recession and that deficits in the next few years are unavoidable - but there is a fundamental difference of opinion as to how much and how best to spend taxpayer dollars."

"On one side are those of us who believe we need to rein in the size of government, reduce spending and taxes, and balance the budget in order to achieve economic security. On the other are those who want to expand the role of government, spend more on government programs, and raise taxes in order to pay for these," Hall stated. "I'm on the side that believes that we cannot continue to spend, borrow and tax our way out of this economic crisis."

"My constituents are worried about the trillions of dollars being thrown at Wall Street, the housing market, banking, the auto industry - and worried about how to pay for the reforms that the President wants in healthcare, alternative energy, education and vital programs like Social Security and Medicare," Hall said. "The cost of those reforms will be passed to our children and grandchildren and may ultimately place America's strength and security at risk."

"The Republican alternative is not perfect, but it lessens the economic impact on future generations and seeks to control spending and debt," Hall noted. "The Republican budget seeks to protect Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security and puts in place policies that would provide two million more jobs than those created in the President's budget."

Hall also supported the Republican Study Committee's alternative budget that would balance the Federal budget by 2019 largely through an across-the-board reduction in discretionary spending, with the exception of appropriations for Defense and Veterans. That measure also failed to pass the House.

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