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Vitter Issues Statement on Souter Retirement


Location: Washington, DC

Vitter Issues Statement on Souter Retirement

U.S. Sen. David Vitter today issued the following statement regarding President Obama's announcement on the retirement of Supreme Court Justice David Souter:

"Justice Souter's retirement, and the nomination process that will soon follow, will provide a critical look into what type of judicial philosophy President Obama will want on our highest court. I hope the president will nominate an individual who respects the strict constructionist interpretation of our Constitution and not an individual who will try to legislate from the bench.

"We have three branches of government for a reason - to provide checks and balances. And the Supreme Court's role is to interpret the constitutionality of laws - not put forth new public policy in one sweeping action. Many important issues - such as those that affect the Second Amendment, the right to life and even our economy- hang in the balance," said Vitter.

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