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Unprecedented Taxing and Spending

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

UNPRECEDENTED TAXING AND SPENDING -- (House of Representatives - March 24, 2009)


Mr. BROUN of Georgia. I thank the gentlelady for yielding.

Promises made, promises broken. This administration has made many, many promises to the American public and has broken promise after promise after promise.

We were promised that wasteful spending would decrease and be eliminated. But what do we see? We see a huge increase in the size of the Federal Government. We have been promised that those wasteful programs of the Federal Government would be cut and eliminated. What do we see? We see a bigger growth of the Federal Government, and we see more wasteful spending and a huge increase in the size of the Federal Government.

We were promised that any bill that has earmarks in it would be vetoed. Well, the omnibus bill--I call it the ominous omnibus bill--was nothing but earmarks. The whole bill was nothing but paybacks to the folks who elected the leadership here in Washington today, and that promise has been broken.

And now we have a budget. Leader Boehner was here just a few minutes ago and spoke about the increase of the Federal debt. And I want to make it clear something that he said that is very important to the American people, should be important to the American people. The deficit spending, the debt that has been created with this budget alone, is greater than all presidencies combined. Every one of them combined. This one budget is greater than all of those. We can't continue down this road.

This budget bill is a steamroll of socialism that has been shoved down the throats of the American public. It is going to strangle the American economy. It is going to choke the American people economically.

We have been promised that 95 percent of Americans were going to get a tax cut. We saw that in this recent stimulus bill where the tax cut is $1.10 per day. That's it, $1.10 per day. I'm a physician, and I don't believe in smoking. I think everybody should quit. But you can't even buy a pack of cigarettes for that amount of money.

And not only that, but this cap-and-tax issue that's being proposed in this budget is going to tax every single American family by over $3,100 per family. Let me repeat that. Every single family is going to pay an increase in their cost of living by $3,100 per family. We can't afford that. It is going to hurt the poorest of people in this country. It is going to hurt our seniors who are living on a fixed income. It is going to hurt small business because of this class envy and class warfare that's being proposed by this administration.

We have seen promise after promise broken by this administration. And not only that, we are creating a debt for our future generations so that their standard of living is going to be much less, much lower than ours today.

As Mr. Duncan was talking about, we are either going to have hyperinflation or deflation. I think we're fixing to head for hyperinflation. We have seen in the past that gross deficit spending by governments has created hyperinflation to the point that people almost literally had to have a wheelbarrow to take the currency to the grocery store to buy one loaf of bread. That's where we're heading today. Warren Buffet just 2 weeks ago said that we're off the c

I think we're headed towards a marked prolongation of this recession, a deepening of this recession, and very probably a severe depression.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, when he was spending taxpayers' dollars like a drunken sailor, did nothing but prolong that Depression. That's exactly what this philosophy that's being promoted here in this House and in the Senate across the way and by this administration is going to do.

In fact, the only thing that got us out of the Great Depression was the creation of a manufacturing entity in America to supply the needs for World War II. Are we going to need a world war to get us out of this depression that we're headed towards? I hope not.

But this deficit spending is totally irresponsible. It is unconscionable that we would have this kind of philosophy promoted in this Congress. It is going to hurt the people who can stand to be hurt the least, and that's the poor people, the retirees, those on fixed incomes.

This cap-and-tax policy is going to raise the price of all goods and services: medicines at the drug store, which is going to hurt our elderly; it is going to raise the price of groceries at the grocery store for everybody, and that's going to hurt all of us.

We cannot continue down this road. We have to put a stop to it. The steamroller of socialism that's being shoved down the throats of the American public that's being driven by Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama, it needs to hit a speed bump. It needs to hit a stop sign. And the only people in America that could put up that stop sign, that speed bump up is the American public to cry out, No, we're not going to put up with this. We want bipartisanship. We Republicans and Democrats to come together and solve the problem.

And small businesses are going to be hurt markedly by the tax increases, and that's going to cost jobs. We're not creating jobs.

We have been promised by this administration that we were going to invest in our infrastructure. Well, the stimulus bill had only a miniscule amount of the--this huge deficit spending geared towards infrastructure which would, at least, create some jobs in the private sector.

But where are the jobs being created by bigger government? Bigger socialism. Taking our freedom away, taking our money away, taking our future away and taking our children and our grandchildren's future away. Because this budget spends too much. It taxes too much. It borrows too much. And we've got to put an end to it. It is up to the American people to cry out to Members of Congress to say, No, absolutely no. We're going to stop this.

So I encourage people to contact their congressman, contact their senator and say ``no'' to this budget.

And I thank the gentlelady for yielding.


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