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Concurrent Resolution on the Budget for Fiscal Year 2010

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

CONCURRENT RESOLUTION ON THE BUDGET FOR FISCAL YEAR 2010 -- (House of Representatives - April 02, 2009)


Mr. PRICE of Georgia. Madam Chair, we all know that we cannot continue to burn through the future of our kids and grandkids with oversized Federal spending. Our Republican Study Committee budget takes a bold but responsible approach to getting our fiscal house in order, achieving balance by the year 2019. Yes, Madam Chair, achieving balance, as you see from this chart right here.

Our budget preserves the tax relief adopted earlier in this decade, it encourages small businesses to create jobs, and it protects families from any tax increase.

Now, how do we get to balance? Our budget ends, ends the misguided spending bills and bailouts of recent years. Our budget includes a 1 percent annual reduction to all nondefense discretionary spending. Defense is fully funded. We simply require each Department to find and eliminate 1 percent of wasteful spending under their jurisdiction each year, one penny out of every dollar. Is that too much, Madam Chair?

The key to fiscal sustainability lies in reforming entitlements, particularly Medicare, and our Republican Study Committee budget says we must address our entitlement of crisis boldly and today.

Our RSC budget responsibly slows the growth of Medicare to the rate used during the Contract with America. A successful result was a balanced budget. Our budget responsibly says that we cannot just kick this can down the road any further.

In fact, in an op-ed this morning in the Wall Street Journal, Majority Leader Steny Hoyer writes, ``The single most important thing we can do to get our budget under control is to deal with the costs of our entitlement programs. We simply must act in a bipartisan way to choose and implement such reforms.'' Absolutely, Mr. Leader. But, unfortunately, their budget and the Democrat's budget ignores a $34 trillion unfunded liability.

Our RSC budget says we will get our entitlements under control, and we will do it today. We recognize the responsibility we have to come together in a bipartisan way to find solutions that preserve Medicare without bankrupting our Nation.

Budgets are priorities, Madam Chair. And the priority of our budget is a responsible, stable, and commonsense approach to spending that saves our children's and our grandchildren's future. It is not an easy task, but governing is about making tough choices, and we need to do it today.

I urge my colleagues to stand up for taxpayers, to stand up for market principles, to stand up for the solvency of our Nation and support this responsible, stable, commonsense budget.


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