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Prepared Opening Remarks of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) at a Press Conference

Press Conference

Location: Washington, DC



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SPEAKER PELOSI: Eighteen months ago, the House Democratic Leadership launched our Green the Capitol initiative, our commitment to reducing the Capitol's carbon footprint and make our operations more energy efficient.

Today, on Earth Day-which is a time to recommit ourselves to protecting our planet and our future-we can announce that the House has reduced its carbon emissions by 72 percent-a remarkable achievement for the Congress.

The Capitol, which serves as a beacon of freedom, is also now a shining example of sustainability. We hope other large institutions will learn lessons on greening from our experience.

Our next step in reducing carbon emissions is to help Members' reduce their personal offices' carbon footprints and energy use. I thank my colleagues who have committed to this effort and also Chief Administrative Officer Dan Beard for overseeing the Green the Capitol initiative.

The Green the Capitol initiative is just one way in that Congress is honoring the tradition of Earth Day and helping protect our planet.

Yesterday, we brought together a broad coalition of businesses, environmental groups, and faith-based organizations in support of passing clean energy legislation to create jobs and address climate change.

Our economic recovery and future prosperity hinge on whether the United States will be first in the world in the clean energy economy. For our economy and workers, America must be first. Therefore, we will be first in the creation of a clean energy economy and the investments in science and innovation that will produce good paying jobs for our workers.

Clean energy and fighting climate change are the flagship issues of this Congress. We have shown that though our Green the Capitol initiative. We will further illustrate our commitment by passing clean energy legislation this year.

Thank you again to my colleagues for their commitment to Greening the Capitol and protecting our planet. Their efforts truly honor the tradition of Earth Day.


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