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Vitter, Senators Express Outrage over "Right Wing Extremism" Report

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Vitter, Senators Express Outrage over "Right Wing Extremism" Report

"Certainly, extremism of all varieties is a threat to the United States and her citizens throughout the world," said Vitter. "But I don't believe that this report contains any evidence that would justify singling out these particular groups of Americans as suspected terrorists. To suggest that returning soldiers or Second Amendment rights advocates are prone to joining extremist groups is insulting and highly inflammatory - in addition to being a questionable focus for the Department of Homeland Security, especially when our southern border is still a source of major concern for a majority of Americans."
"I was shocked to learn that this report classifies the brave men and women returning home from combat and operational deployments around the globe, who have been honorably defending our country, as potential terrorists," Inhofe said. "As a Senior Member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, I am especially proud of our soldiers returning home and I find it extremely regretful that they have been subjected to such an insult by this report. Furthermore, I find it reprehensible that within this report Americans who hold certain beliefs regarding issues such as immigration, the Second Amendment, and abortion fall under the report's broad generalization of rightwing extremists, and are therefore considered a potential threat. I believe this report to be very offensive to many Americans."
"Under DHS's bizarre guidelines many of our founders, were they alive today, would be classified as potential terrorist threats. This carelessly written and poorly reasoned report is offensive to not only our veterans, but to every American who is passionately committed to the ideals of limited government, life and liberty that made our country great," said Coburn.
"This document is absurd and offensive," said Sen. DeMint. "It suggests that Secretary Napolitano believes our Navy SEALs could be an equal or greater threat than the pirates they took down. Does the President really agree that veterans and tea party soccer moms are terrorists-in-waiting?"
"This DHS report is insulting to American veterans and patently untrue," said Brownback. "American military veterans deserve the respect of a grateful nation, not suspicion and slander. I join millions of Americans in thanking our nation's veterans for all of their sacrifices."
"Our nation's veterans have bravely sacrificed themselves to ensure our security, and they deserve our honor and our respect," said Burr. "To classify those who protect America from the dangers of terrorism as potential terrorists themselves is an insult."

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