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Fox News "Fox & Friends" Interview with Rep. Peter King - Transcript


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Fox News "Fox & Friends" Interview with Rep. Peter King - Transcript

Fox News "Fox & Friends" Interview With Rep. Peter King (R-NY)
Subject: Response To The Homeland Security Directive To Law Enforcement Interviewers: Gretchen Carlson and Brian Kilmeade

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MR. KILMEADE: Some Muslim Americans are taking issue with our next guest after he made comments in response to a Homeland Security report about rightwing extremism that went after veterans and no one else.

MS. CARLSON: Congressman Peter King, ranking Republican member of the Homeland Security Committee. He joins us live this morning.

Good morning to you, Congressman.

REP. KING: Good morning.

MS. CARLSON: All right. So here was the quote that you made last week on another broadcast. You said that "Sweeping generalizations about Muslims and mosques have no serious place in national security discourse --

MR. KILMEADE: That's the critic of what you're --

MS. CARLSON: That was the critic.

But basically, what you said is what?

REP. KING: What I said is that Janet Napolitano had said earlier this year she was not going to use the word "terrorist". Then she put out a directive to all the police departments in our country saying that there is a possible terrorist threat from returning veterans.

And my point was that if we are really serious, we should be talking about a possible terror threat to the country and that she should be sending that type directive to the police departments in the country regarding mosques who do not cooperate with local police.

And the fact is, I speak to law enforcement at all levels -- federal, state and local -- and they all say that they do not receive any level of cooperation from mosques. And that on Long Island, Brian -- and elsewhere in New York -- there are a number of mosques that are under surveillance.

So that -- if Janet Napolitano was being intellectually honest, she would be talking about mosques and not about returning veterans.

MR. KILMEADE: And does it bother you at all that the president goes to Turkey and makes some overtures there that America has not been perfect? Well, what about turning around to Turkey and other Muslim countries and saying, you haven't really helped us out at all. What about the terrorists amongst you? Not a word about that!

REP. KING: Yeah, I think the president is going much too far in apologizing for America. I mean, going through Europe he hasn't gotten one more combat troop for Afghanistan despite what all he said.

And you talk about a country like Turkey, which in some ways is a good ally, but in other ways also is very theocratic and is not the type of government that we would want to emulate. So I think the president has gone too far in accommodating or attempting to appease certain Muslim elements.

Listen, countries like Jordan and Morocco -- these are strong allies of the United States. We can work with Turkey, but we shouldn't be so obsequious and so backing away from our own strength as a nation.

MS. CARLSON: You also said -- this is what your quote was: "Few Muslims come forward to cooperate with the police." And that got CAIR -- you know, an organization of Muslims -- all in an outrage that you said that. But you're standing by those comments, right, Congressman?

REP. KING: I stand by it completely. And any attack from CAIR -- I wear that as a badge of honor. I mean, CAIR has constantly been in the (name ?) of radical Islam.

And again, I look at -- Brian, there's a mosque right on Long Island in Westbury where several years ago the top officials in that mosque, after 9/11, said that the World Trade Center could well have been attacked by the FBI and the CIA and Jews rather than al Qaeda.

MR. KILMEADE: And to your credit, Congressman King, you're the only one who calls them out on it. For some reason everyone's scared to death of pointing out our enemy's hatred towards us.

Congressman Peter King, thanks.

REP. KING: Brian, thank you.


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