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Remarks by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA); Vice President of the United States Joe Biden at a Photo Opportunity


Location: Washington, DC



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SPEAKER PELOSI: (In progress) -- on the House side. It's a special pleasure to welcome him over. He has many friends here at the -- the relations developed over the years around issues of concern to the American people. Many of those same issues are contained now in the budget of the Obama-Biden administration.

As we speak here now, the House Budget Committee is meeting. And I think at the -- I know at the end of the day, we will have a strong budget supportive of the president's principles of investing in education, health care and energy, reducing the deficit and creating good-paying jobs in America while giving a tax cut to 95 percent of the American people.

I'm proud of the leadership of John Spratt, our chairman, and the work of the Democratic members of the committee. I hope that the bill will pass with some bipartisan support, but I know the bill will pass as a strong statement of national values. And we are intent to deliver for the president in the House of Representatives.

Again, I'm delighted to welcome the vice president to discuss the budget and other issues that challenge our country, congratulate him for his great leadership to our country, and the opportunities that the Obama-Biden administration has presented to that -- to us, to our country.

With that, I'm pleased to welcome the vice president.

VICE PRESIDENT BIDEN: Well, thank you, Madame Speaker. This is a continuation of a(n) ongoing dialogue. We've had most of them down at the White House, but when the speaker invited me to lunch, it's a free lunch, so I decided to come on up. And it gives me a chance to go back home.

I have to admit to you, Madame Speaker, I got here a little early and I snuck over to see my colleagues on the Senate floor.

SPEAKER PELOSI: It's just an instinct.

VICE PRESIDENT BIDEN: And they kept saying, where you going? Where you going? I said, I'm going in to see the -- look, I am confident that with the leadership of the speaker and with Harry Reid, we're going to get our budget with all the major elements intact.

I think that our budget will -- I'm absolutely confident it will cut the deficit in half within five years.

And I'm absolutely confident that -- and you heard the president last night say it repeatedly and eloquently -- that we're in a position where in order to rebuild this economy, it can't be built on a false bubble. It can't be built on a dot-com bubble or on a housing bubble.

We have to get down to rebuilding an economy that produces a solid foundation for the better part of a beginning new century. And that requires us to deal with education, with health care, and it requires us to deal with energy, and also budget discipline built into this.

So I am -- the speaker and I are going to talk a little bit about the budget. I expect we'll talk about a lot of other things, as well. But I am -- I feel very confident that we're going to get a budget that is totally consistent with and reflective of all we've asked for in the budget we submitted to Congress.

So I'm looking forward to lunch. Thank you all very much.

SPEAKER PELOSI: Thank you all.


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