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Congressman Bachus Statement on Budget and Road to Recovery Alternative


Location: Washington, DC


Congressman Spencer Bachus (AL-6) issued the following statement on President Obama's budget plan.

A video statement can be viewed his YouTube page,

The Road to Recovery budget blueprint can be viewed at

"I will soon be asked to vote on President Obama's $3.6 trillion budget. This is by far the largest amount of spending in U.S. history and nearly half of it is borrowed money. The cost will ultimately be paid by our children and grandchildren. In my view, this budget spends too much, taxes too much, and borrows too much. The government cannot tax and borrow our way to prosperity. I asked to hear from you, my constituents, and more than 600 of you have written to me in just the past week to express your views. Here are excerpts from some of those letters.

From Barbara in Clanton: "As a small business, we cannot afford to pay more taxes right now. I don't think our employees can cope with higher fuel prices. I am very much concerned about the exploding federal budget deficit."

From Danielle in Pelham: "My goal is to become a small business owner and I am concerned that any higher taxes on small business will squash my chances of making their goal a reality."

From Randi in Pell City: "I do not want any further energy increases. Our electricity, propane, and gas have gone up far more than my husband's wages."

From Jack in Trussville: "We cannot borrow and spend our way out of this mess. If the government was a business, you all would be lining up for a bailout right now."

While the vast majority of the letters were opposed to the budget, to be fair, I did receive some letters in support of the President's budget. Let me assure you - that I take everyone's views very seriously. However, I believe on balance the way to get economic growth going again is to get the government's own fiscal house in order. And the absolute worst thing we can do is during a recession is raise taxes. That is why I am joining with the leadership of the House Republican Conference in supporting a better budget solution. It is built on fiscal discipline, growth, and reform. You can find the details at

As always, I welcome your views. It is an honor to serve as your congressman.

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