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Remarks by President Barack Obama at His Meeting with Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner

Location: Washington, DC


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PRESIDENT OBAMA: (Off mike) -- over the last (few weeks ?), as I've been just reading letters from constituencies just to see how many small-business owners are really struggling. Even though they're maintaining profitable businesses, their credit lines are being pulled. And that obviously has huge consequences for employment because small businesses are one of the biggest drivers of employment that we have. And so I've been on my team to figure out, even as we're working diligently to increase liquidity throughout the financial system, how can we do some stuff that specifically targets the small-business owner.

Now, you have here the chairman and ranking members of the respective committees in the House and the Senate on Small Business. I know they've been hearing the same stuff, and I think the goal today is just to listen, hear more concretely some of the things that you guys are doing, and we'll talk a little bit about what objectives we have for this plan that we're rolling out today. But understand this is still just going to be a first step in what is going to be a continuing effort to make sure that people get credit out there.

All right? Okay, guys.

STAFF: Thank you, guys.

STAFF: Thank you, everyone.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Good to see you.

Q Thank you.

Q Thank you.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Good. Thank you.

Q Thank you, sir.


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