Statement by President Barack Obama on International Women's Day


By:  Barack Obama II
Date: March 8, 2009
Location: Unknown



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PRESIDENT OBAMA: In observance of International Women's Day, and during Women's History Month in the United States, the United States stands with people around the globe to reaffirm our commitment to the equality, freedom, achievements, and advancement of women.

From the global challenge of climate change, to a world that is not yet free from poverty and conflict, our challenges are many. Women are vital to the solutions to these problems, and we will not sow the seeds for a brighter future or reap the benefits of the change we need without the full and active participation of women around the world.

Worldwide, women play leadership roles in the health and education of our families, in our fields, our factories, our classrooms, our laboratories, and our boardrooms. With or without awards or acknowledgement, women have taught us about hope, about courage, and about opportunity.

The United States is filled with great hope that our daughters, and the daughters of all nations, will continue to serve as leaders in the pursuit of our collective well-being and have the opportunity to achieve their full potential. Today, Michelle and I remember, celebrate, and honor the sacrifices, talents and leadership of women around the world.


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