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Guthrie Statement on Congress's Efforts to Recover AIG Bonusess


Location: Washington, DC

Guthrie Statement on Congress's Efforts to Recover AIG Bonuses

Today, Congressman Brett Guthrie (R-Bowling Green) made the following statement regarding the U.S. House of Representative's action to recoup tax dollars used by American International Group (AIG) for executive bonuses:

"I share the outrage of the American people that AIG would use our hard-earned taxpayer dollars to award excessive bonuses to their executives. We are facing a severe economic crisis, and this abuse of taxpayer dollars is unacceptable. The American people deserve to have this money back, and that is why I voted today to take action to get it back.

"In February, I opposed the bloated stimulus package that allowed this waste to develop in the first place. The stimulus package included language that allowed financial institutions that receive bailout funds to issue bonuses to executives. This is where the problem should have been prevented, but regretfully it was not.

"While I preferred an alternative plan to recover these bonuses, I could not let this egregious waste and abuse of taxpayer dollars go without action. Inaction was simply not a solution."

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