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Latino Caucus Comments on the Democratic Budget Proposal


Location: Sacramento, CA


The following is a statement from the Latino Legislative Caucus on a Democratic budget proposal to be voted on tonight on the Senate Floor:

"On the eve of the International Immigrant Day the Latino Caucus is pleased to support a budget proposal that does not pose a threat to California's low income hard working immigrant families and the safety net programs they rely on. This is a first step in addressing the issues that the Latino Caucus deeply cares about by dealing with this budget deficit in a sober and equitable way. Immigrant families contribute to our economy even in economic crisis and should not bear a disproportionate share of the cuts," stated Gilbert Cedillo, Latino Caucus Chair.

"Democrats have continually offered a mix of targeted cuts and taxes that would greatly reduce the deficit, while minimally impacting hardworking Californians. The Republican proposal seeks no new taxes while devastating the most fragile in our society. California can not throw education to the side to balance its books and satisfy political maneuvers. Our schools are vital institutions and should be treated as such. Republicans need to dialogue and seek compromise instead of rejecting new revenue. They should work towards the benefit of the state," declared Tony Mendoza, Latino Caucus Vice-Chair.

The Democrats' plan solves $18 billion of our $41 billion budget deficit - 44 percent of the projected shortfall. Democrats are responsible for governing the state by taking responsible action to prevent the state from going broke. Specifically, the proposal increases general fund revenues by $9.3 billion, enacts $7.3 billion in cuts and finds $1.5 billion in other solutions.

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