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Prepared Testimony at the House Sub-Committee on Immigration

Location: Washington, DC

Prepared Testimony at the House Sub-Committee on Immigration

Mr. Chairman and Members of the Subcommittee:

Thank you for the opportunity to appear today and to discuss the critical
importance of Immigration Law Enforcement.

I am Rosanna Pulido, an active member of You Don't Speak For Me. We are
American Hispanics speaking out on illegal immigration because, contrary to
popular belief, a sizable number of Latinos oppose the recent protest marches and
strongly objects to illegal immigration.

But our voices have largely been muffled by the protests in Chicago , Los Angeles
and other cities nationwide and by journalists and the mass media that absolutely
refuses to report the story of law abiding American Hispanics. Instead, the media
would rather focus on the Latinos who are breaking our laws and paint them as
helpless victims.

Members of You Don't Speak for Me American Hispanics against illegal
immigration do not want comprehensive immigration reform, but we do want
immigration law enforcement. Americans have learned that "comprehensive"
means unlimited amnesty, a greater flow of immigrants into the country and the
displacement of American workers.

Anybody who can sneak into our country gets to stay in. This is not sound
immigration policy. Our open borders are a surrender of the United States to
anarchy and the bill that the senate purposes is selling out the American public and
the rule of law. This proposed legislation gives illegal aliens exactly what they want,
legal status and permission stay in the United States .

We have witnessed in the past 18 months hundreds of thousands of Latinos
marching across the country in support of immigration reform. Many of these
marchers are here illegally. They do not live in the shadows, but flagrantly boast
about violating our laws in broad daylight. One of the objectives of these marches is
to give the impression that ALL Latinos want illegal aliens to become citizens. It
simply is not true!

Let me tell you about a legal Mexican immigrant named Daniel. Daniel calls me on
a regular basis. Daniel sees the injustice his fellow legal immigrants are going
through. He tells me when an American or legal immigrant comes to look for a job
at his place of employment, they never get called for an interview, but if an illegal
alien comes and fills out an application, they will be working with a couple of days.
He is beside himself and is seeking justice, who will right these wrongs?

And Jose, a legal Mexican immigrant who approached me and said, "You have got
to help me! I am here in the United States legally. Look here are my papers. I
cannot get a job. I go to the day labor center on a daily basis and they ignore me and
they give all the jobs to illegal aliens. I can't get work to support my family."

I am aware that there are many of my fellow Hispanics like this who are suffering,
those who followed the rules and respect our laws and come to this country the right
way. It is for these people and others like them that I implore you to give them a
chance at building the American dream they patiently waited for in line.

That can be done only by our government enforcing immigration laws on the books!
In Chicago , Illinois where I live, the city is under siege by illegal aliens who speak
Spanish, use public services and take jobs away from citizens, especially African-
Americans, and legal immigrants.

Our city and county officials ignore federal immigration law and want to ignore
Congress and make their own laws. They are attempting to make Cook County the
first sanctuary county in the United States . If this happens, then Cook County will
be a haven for illegal aliens and other criminal elements.

We have seen property taxes rise in Cook County by 60 to 90 percent this past year.
This rise is directly related to bilingual education, free health care and other social
services for illegal aliens. What illegal immigration has done is force our senior
citizens, (yes, those folks who built our country and are known as the greatest
generation) out of their homes. They cannot keep up with the rising property taxes
on their fixed incomes.

While these seniors look to us to assist them in their retirement years, we are letting
law breakers completely drain tax base, a tax base that should be rightfully going to
our seniors and our veterans. One of those seniors is my 78 year old father. He is
bewildered by what is happening to the city he settled in many years ago.

We have heard recently about the injustices at the Walter Reed Center and the poor
treatment of our veterans. Well, our wounded veterans in Illinois are the lowest paid
in the nation. Some live like paupers, while illegal aliens get free health care,
education and may other social services. This abuse of our welfare programs is a
modern day atrocity.

I am baffled because my government, who I trust to enforce the law no matter what
the ethnicity or national origin of a person is, has been looking the other way while
America is destroyed.

Some measures that need to be considered for Comprehensive Immigration
Enforcement are:

a. Putting Border Security and Enforcement First. How can we fight the War on
Terror if our borders are not secure?
b. Stop incarcerating our Border Patrol when they do their job like agents Ramos
and Campeon and support these agents in their job to stop illegal border crossings!
Pardoning these two admirable Mexican Americans would be a good start!
c. While you may think that an Employers program to verify the eligibility of the
workers they hire might be effective consider this. The Illinois House is passing a
bill as we speak to prohibit Employers from using these tools to verify eligibility!
( Illinois House Bill # 1744)
We have 14 million under employed Americans? This bill proposed by the Senate
displaces more American workers! Whose interests are the senators looking out for?
Finally, we do not want amnesty for illegal immigrants. I ask you to remember that
amnesty does not work. It just creates more of the criminal activity we want to
prevent. We know this from past immigration amnesties, especially the one granted
in 1986. If that amnesty worked as a solution to our immigration problem, why,
then, are we here today? The definition of amnesty remains the same: "to pardon
immigration lawbreakers and reward them with the objective of their crime." It is
not animosity to punish those who break our laws. It is simply justices, a justice law-
abiding Americans hunger for.

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