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Moran Pushes for Offshore Energy Development

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Moran Pushes for Offshore Energy Development

Requests President to Expedite Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration

Congressman Jerry Moran recently sent a letter to President Barack Obama to request that he allow areas in the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) to remain open for oil and gas development as the new administration reviews the five-year offshore drilling plan.

"Development of our nation's domestic oil and gas resources is crucial to reducing our reliance on foreign oil and to maintaining affordable energy prices in the U.S.," Moran said. "A substantial amount of the oil and gas reserves in the U.S. lie on the OCS and we must begin to develop those resources without delay. Having access to these resources will not only produce affordable American-made energy products, but also provide jobs in a struggling economy."

"Placing a further 180-day delay on an already long process of oil and gas development will stall America's progress towards energy independence. Development of renewable energy resources is one part of the energy solution, but should not hinder OCS oil and gas development. I appreciate that the administration did not completely stop the development of a leasing plan, but do not agree with the proposed delay. I'm concerned the delay will result in a situation like last summer, when energy prices dramatically increased and domestic resources were inaccessible due to government restrictions. I do not want Congress to become complacent about advancing utilization of our domestic energy sources while the country is now experiencing low energy costs," Moran said.

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