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Rogers: Massive Spending Bill Fails Michigan


Location: Washington, DC

Rogers: Massive Spending Bill Fails Michigan

"In Michigan, we need a stimulus plan focused on creating jobs and getting thousands of unemployed workers back to work," Rogers said. "Instead, the measure we expect to vote on today carries a dangerously high cost, fails to create the number of jobs we need, and is filled with an outrageous list of projects that have nothing to do with strengthening the American economy."

Rogers said the nearly $800 billion bill, coupled with well over $2 trillion in previous bailouts, will force American taxpayers to borrow every dollar from other countries such as China or Saudi Arabia.

"We don't have that much money in our own struggling economy, so we will be forced to borrow trillions of dollars from other countries, and pay higher and higher interest rates," Rogers said. "That will drive up the cost of credit for the American people and American businesses, making everything we buy cost more, and creating barriers to car purchases, student loans, or home mortgages. It also likely will increase inflation, making our savings worth less.

"The legislation even cuts back the tax relief for buying a new car that was included in an earlier version of this bill, something that will be an additional body blow for Michigan. Our state needs more economic doors opened, not slammed shut."

Rogers cited just a few of the "wasteful, outrageous" earmarks included in the bill:

• $30 million to save a mouse habitat in San Francisco

• $8 billion to create a high speed rail system between Los Angles and Las Vegas and a second one somewhere in the Mid-West to include Illinois and Wisconsin.

• $50 million for the National Endowment for the Arts

• $2 billion for neighborhood organizations including ACORN which has been accused of practicing unlawful voter registration and intimidation techniques

• $1 billion for a prevention and wellness fund available for sexually transmitted disease education and prevention

Rogers said the American economy and Michigan's special circumstances make it imperative that Congress follow the lead of the American people.

"These are serious times that call for serious work," Rogers said. "This legislation misses the mark by miles. Families across our nation are doing more with less and being careful with their financial resources. Congress needs to follow their lead and get off this path to financial disaster and come together to adopt a bipartisan, affordable plan that will help turn Michigan's and the nation's economy around."

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