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Campus Safety Act of 2009

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

CAMPUS SAFETY ACT OF 2009 -- (House of Representatives - February 03, 2009)


Mr. CANTOR. Madam Speaker, I know that the subject of this particular piece of legislation has to do with campus safety, and I know we are all concerned about campus safety. In fact, this is a separate bill relating to campus safety, which makes the point, Madam Speaker:

If you look at the current proposal dealing with our economy and the economic ruin that families are facing, there is $6 billion allocated in that bill to colleges and to universities. That gives me great cause for concern. What in the world does that have to do with stimulating our economy and with allowing families and small businesses in this country to get back on their feet?

Again, I would say to my colleague and friend from Virginia, as well as to the gentleman from Texas, that the bill on the floor does have to do with college campus safety. That is where a $6 billion allocation appropriation to colleges and universities should belong, not in a stimulus bill.

Listen, the people of this country are expecting Washington to finally clean up its act and to respond accordingly so that we can get our economy back on track. In fact, the latest Gallup poll that was taken this weekend shows that only 38 percent of Americans support the congressional Democrats' spending bill. Speaker Pelosi's bill in this House contains billions of dollars of continued Washington spending in the same old fashion. It has got plenty of pork in it. It has got $137 billion while creating 32 new Federal programs.

I would say that some of these programs have laudable goals. There is no question that we need to address so many things going on in this country. Right now, though, the priority is this economy, and when we are talking about a stimulus plan, a stimulus plan should be focused like a laser on the preservation, on the protection and on the creation of jobs. Again, it may not be bad that we are looking to spend more money in terms of helping safety on our college campuses, but that belongs in a separate bill, not in a spending bill aimed at stimulating this economy.

I would say that the Members on our side of the aisle continue to want to work with the majority to try and craft a bill that delivers results. President Obama was elected partly due to the hope that he instilled in so many Americans that he would change the way that Washington works, that we finally in this town would be accountable to the people who pay the taxes so that we could deliver the results and so that we could deliver on job creation and on opportunities for our children and for the next generation.

Madam Speaker, the bill that passed this House last week does not rise to that standard, and I implore the Speaker and her colleagues on the other side of the aisle to work with us. We have put forward a plan that involves real stimulus, that is very focused on the folks--on the entrepreneurs, on the small businesspeople and on the self-employed--who actually do create the jobs in this economy. We need to provide them with relief. We need to provide relief to the working families--to the taxpayers who are suffering under this heavy burden for which they have got to pay every single day that they are at work.

Madam Speaker, again, I urge our colleagues on the other side of the aisle to work with us so that we can arrive at a bill that provides true stimulus and that delivers results.


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