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Ryan Statement on President Obama's Address to Joint Session of Congress


Location: Washington, DC

Ryan Statement on President Obama's Address to Joint Session of Congress

Wisconsin's 1st District Congressman Paul Ryan tonight made the following comments regarding President Barack Obama's first address to a joint session of Congress:

"President Obama provided an accurate, sober assessment of today's challenges: the ongoing financial crisis, mounting job losses, a broken health care system, and an unsustainable fiscal path from an explosion of government spending. Step one in digging ourselves out of the fiscal mess we're in is to admit that we have a problem. I applaud Obama's efforts to push for a bipartisan consensus in moving forward to address this dire fiscal reality.

"While heartened by President Obama's call to action on our greatest challenges, I was troubled by the substance of his specific policy proposals. President Obama touted his trillion dollar spending bill, under the mistaken belief that we can borrow and spend our way to prosperity. He remains committed to raising taxes in the midst of the most painful recession in generations. He continues to push a housing plan that rewards those who borrowed more than they can afford at the expense of those who followed the rules. President Obama echoed his campaign promises to push for legislation that places the government - not the patient or the provider - at the center of health care decisions.

"Alternative solutions are critical if we are to have a legitimate debate on our most pressing issues. I will continue to put forth alternatives applying our timeless principles of individual liberty and limited government. I take President Obama at his word in his commitment to reach out to Republicans, acknowledging that no individual has the monopoly on wisdom. The shrill partisanship in recent weeks has been troubling, producing unfortunate acrimony and poor public policy. True bipartisanship requires collaboration, and constructive efforts by all elected officials to address our American problems with American solutions."

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