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Supporting National Women's History Month

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

SUPPORTING NATIONAL WOMEN'S HISTORY MONTH -- (House of Representatives - March 17, 2009)


Ms. WASSERMAN SCHULTZ. Mr. Speaker, today I rise in recognition of National Women's History Month.

With this year's theme of ``Women Taking the Lead to Save Our Planet,'' I am pleased to recognize the many women who have showed exceptional vision and leadership in the ongoing efforts to save our planet, women like Carol Browner, the White House Coordinator of Energy and Climate Policy, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the first ever female Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Eileen Collins, the first woman shuttle commander, and Nan Rich, my State senator, who just became the first female Democratic leader in the Florida State Senate in our history. These women exemplify that a woman can do any job a man can do. As we saw during the Presidential election, women like Secretary of State Hillary Clinton showed Americans that women are ready to lead.

My daughter, Rebecca, turned in her fourth grade biography report on Susan B. Anthony this week. She and I learned together about the right to vote and equal access to education for women that she fought for so valiantly but never lived to see. As the mother of two young daughters, it is so important to me that they see strong women taking the lead to repair our world.

As we look to the future and the steps that must be taken to save our planet, women can and will take the lead.


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