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Economic Situation Facing Our Country

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

ECONOMIC SITUATION FACING OUR COUNTRY -- (House of Representatives - March 23, 2009)

Mr. BROUN of Georgia. The reason I have a hard time remembering that is because there is nothing free about it. It is actually a method of trying to force unionization on employers and employees alike. It is going to cost jobs. In fact, what I just was fixing to say was that I was talking to an employer in my district who said to me that if this act passes, he is going to shut the doors, and his business is going to go offshore. And that is going to happen all over this country. It is going to cost thousands and thousands of jobs.

Why is that happening? It is happening as a payback. It is happening as a payback to the Democrats who get all this money and all the support from the labor unions because the labor unions want to make an environment where they can force unionization on small businesses and large businesses all over this country. And what is even more egregious is the forced arbitration that is in that bill that is not free either. It is totally wrong. Again, this is a steamroller of socialism being shoved down the throats of the American people. And we have got to stop it.

But it is going to cost jobs. And what it is going to do is it is going to put us in a bigger financial mess as a Nation. When we have the cap-and-tax placed on all energy, it is going to drive up the cost of all goods and services. Just like Dr. Roe was just talking about up in Tennessee, folks up there already saw what happened. We have already seen in Georgia what happens. People stop utilizing energy. It is going to actually cost the Federal Government money instead of--and it is going to cost jobs.

I am beginning to think that that is the purpose of all this is to try to put everybody on the government dole, try to create a big socialistic society where everybody gets a check from the Federal Government.

But the thing is, America's hurting. America's hurting terribly. We have got to do something and we have got to do it now. But going down this road towards bigger deficits, borrowing more, spending more, taxing more is not the solution. The solution is stimulating the free enterprise system. Free enterprise is the economic engine that pulls along the train of economic security in America. And we are killing that engine. We are throttling it down, and we are shutting it off.

And we have got to create jobs. We have got to create good-paying jobs. Building a bigger government, borrowing from our children and our grandchildren, is not the solution. And so we have just got to do everything we can to stop it.

And I applaud you, Mr. Scalise, for bringing all these issues forward because it is just absolutely critical that the American people understand what is going on.

You brought out the quote from the President. The problem is, what he says and what he does are two different things. He said he would never, never sign a bill that has earmarks in it. Well the first bill, that omnibus bill, was nothing but earmarks. It was just a payback to the liberal entities, as well as all of the liberal agenda that they have had stuck in some drawer somewhere. They just dusted them all off and brought them forth. We don't have the money to pay for that. And it markedly increases the size of government.

We saw that with the budget that he has been proposing. And everything we are going to see is, we just see over and over again, the President says one thing and he does another. He says, we cannot simply spend as we please and defer the consequences, but that is exactly what he is doing.


Mr. BROUN of Georgia. I thank the gentleman for yielding. One other place that they are proposing taking money from is from our defense, from procurement. They are going to take away from our troops, and that is absolutely the worst thing to do. We live in a dangerous world. And we hear people talk about we have got to support our troops. But they want to take away the procurement that is absolutely critical for us to have a strong national defense. Constitutionally, that is the major function of the Federal Government. And the liberals want to take money away from our troops who are fighting for our freedom, who are giving up and their families are giving up sometimes their lives, their limbs and a whole lot of sacrifices that they are giving. And what we are hearing from the other side is they want to take away from our troops and take away from our defense.

The anti-missile defense system is another area that they are talking about taking money from. Just last week I went and watched a rocket shoot down another rocket, a SCUD missile. It was just a phenomenal test, and they want to cancel that, which is going to make us less secure as a Nation.


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