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Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

COMPREHENSIVE IMMIGRATION REFORM -- (House of Representatives - February 24, 2009)

Mr. BACA. I rise today to urge my colleagues, our leadership, Speaker Pelosi, President Obama, to work with CHC on comprehensive immigration reform.

Two weeks ago this legislative body passed a significant bill that will help our devastated economy. We cannot forget the other gaping wound here, our broken immigration system. We are making a big mistake if we continue to ignore the 12 to 14 million undocumented immigrants who are part of this economy. This is not something that we should sweep under the rug with more unrealistic enforcement-only fixes to the immigration system. Enforcement-only approaches makes the situation worse by generating an underground economy and encouraging a demand for vulnerable, undocumented workers.

I urge my colleagues not to let politics cloud a real solution. The only answer is comprehensive immigration reform.

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