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Vitter Applauds Senate Passage of His Anti-Pay Raise Provision

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Vitter Applauds Senate Passage of His Anti-Pay Raise Provision

Calls on Pelosi to lead bill through House

U.S. Sen. David Vitter today applauded the Senate's passage of legislation that ends automatic pay increases for members of Congress. The final bill that passed was a mirror copy of Vitter's anti-pay raise amendment offered to the recently-passed omnibus bill.

"This is a great first step to bringing real reform and changing business as usual in Washington," said Vitter. "Of course, the next big step is overcoming the same concern I had during the debate over my anti-pay raise amendment to the omnibus - getting Speaker Pelosi on board to shepherd this bill through the House. I believe that we are on a bipartisan roll, so I urge the Speaker to listen to the outrage of the American people over these ridiculous, formulaic pay raises and send this change to President Obama's desk."

During the recent omnibus debate, Vitter offered an amendment to repeal the provision of law that set in place automatic pay raises for members of Congress. That amendment was ultimately defeated through the leadership of Majority Leader Reid. But following that debate, Reid expressed his desire to address the pay raise issue again.

Last Thursday, Vitter sent Reid a letter urging the Majority Leader to work with him to move a bill through the Senate to end formulaic pay raises for members of Congress, and on the Senate floor this morning Vitter again called for Reid to move legislation ending the automatic raises.

In addition to Vitter's amendment to the omnibus, he also authored a stand-alone bill in January that would take automatic pay raises off autopilot. He is a cosponsor of the bill that ultimately passed the Senate today.

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